October 11, 2019 - ProxCP v1.4 has been released!


ProxCP was built with performance and scalability in mind. The web application communicates with Proxmox servers using a fast daemon in the background. No more waiting on web pages for tasks to complete.


All user-focused features of Proxmox are included in ProxCP. This includes backups, firewall, rebuilds, network management, and much more. All data remains consistent and available in the Proxmox backend.


We take security seriously. All sensitive information is hashed or encrypted using strong industry-standard methods. Encrypted communications are forced - ProxCP will only work with HTTPS connections.

ProxCP + Proxmox = Reduced Business Costs

Our clients enjoy enterprise features and low cost

Proxmox is feature rich, free, and open source. ProxCP is a low cost, easy-to-deploy VPS hosting solution. The best of both worlds.

ProxCP relies on the tools and reliability of the Proxmox Virtual Environment to run KVM and LXC virtual machines. ProxCP adds additional features to the many Proxmox already offers and provides a user-friendly web GUI for your customers - something Proxmox lacks out of the box.