October 11, 2019 - ProxCP v1.4 has been released!

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What is ProxCP?

ProxCP is an extension to Proxmox Virtual Environment. Proxmox is a free, open source virtualization platform that has successfully proven itself to be a reliable solution. However, Proxmox is largely ignored by commercial VPS and cloud hosting providers because it is not well-suited for this purpose out of the box and requires a ton of extra work to setup. It also does not provide a user-friendly web interface for customers to manage their services. ProxCP solves this issue by building on Proxmox to offer full billing integration, a user-friendly web interface, and easy configuration. ProxCP supports all critical user functions of Proxmox. ProxCP offers 3 types of virtualization support: LXC, KVM, and KVM Public Cloud ("resource bundles").

ProxCP User Features

  • Two-factor authentication support with Google Authenticator
  • IP-based access control to further secure accounts
  • Live VPS node status
  • Realtime VPS management controls
  • Manage your domains directly in ProxCP with forward DNS
  • Set reverse DNS on IPv4 and IPv6 addresses
  • Firewall management interface for each VPS
  • IPv4 and IPv6 network manager
  • Private networking manager for inter-VPS communication
  • Resource graphs
  • Rebuild your VPS from a template or ISO file
  • Create and restore backups
  • HTML5 noVNC console for out-of-band management

ProxCP Admin Features

  • Live VPS node status and management
  • User and group management
  • LXC and KVM VPS creation, suspension, and deletion
  • Support for cloud accounts ("resource bundles")
  • Bandwidth monitoring
  • Automatic DHCP management
  • Full audit logs of system and user actions
  • Full billing integration with popular platforms


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